Effective Retail Display with latest Technology!


Slatwall technologies are deployed by the shop keepers for wall coverings of their shops. The method is also deployed to create display features that would easily attract the customers to the shop. Slat walls are usually made of panels that could be in the range of 4-8 feet width. They are usually fixed using the horizontal grooves so that they can accommodate maximum quantum of merchandise. The technology is one of the most popular in the commercial world.


Slat Wall Makes 

Usually slat walls are made with Plastic Display StandsThese panels on turn are manufactured using fiber boards of medium densities technically known as MDF. The panels come with pressed paper or lamination finish one either side. Thereafter the grooves are fitted in the boards and they are painted with colors or are fitted with plastic or aluminum.


Developing Display Strategies 

Retailers across the globe develop display strategies and Cook Book Stand play an important part of the same. Innovative display often depends on strategic placement of the articles and it includes panel display such as those in slat walls. Appropriate display can substantially enhance the attraction of the items for the customers and it can easily become the source for enhanced revenue earnings.


 Display stand are quite significant to help you reach the market that you are planning to target. These stands should be effective and appropriate to display.


Merchandise Positioning 

According to the findings of the researchers and marketing experts, merchandise positioning is very important. The shop owner needs to build up strategies for their positioning on the display stands or slat walls. A good ploy would be positioning the expensive items in direct view of the potential customers instead of their cheaper counterparts.


Effects of Eye Level Display 

Experts also advice that such positioning is most effective when the expensive items are placed just below the eye levels of the prospective buyers. The reason is that most people look forward in front of them and thereafter they look up or down. Thus, the items placed directly below the eye levels catch the attention of the buyers immediately. They may get impressed to buy the products offered in result due to first impression that lasts longer.  It is however necessary for the shop owner to assess what would be the ideal height of the eye level display on Plate Holder so that they can attract the attention of maximum number of viewers.


Why use Slat Wall 

Slat walls and the panels in them is one of the best fittings for any shop and for making the maximum numbers of viewers view the items on display easily and conveniently. Greatest advantage of using slat walls is that the user can change the heights from time to time making it ideal for the type of viewers coming up. 


The height and dimensions can also be changed consistently for newer items coming up that makes slat walls ideal display platform in retail shops or show rooms.