TestoGen vs TestoPrime Reviews

It's difficult to make the right choice between two high-quality testosterone boosters when they're both equally effective, efficient, and powerful.


It has been a long since TesoPrime and TestoGen dominated the testosterone booster market.


So our team at TotalShape worked with a dietician to analyze the ingredients, and a few clients volunteered to participate in our six-week experiment.


Now let's take a closer look at the data we've collected - TestoPrime vs TestoGen.



Best Testosterone Booster 2022 – TestoGen vs TestoPrime


Men tend to try as many testosterone boosters as possible before finding the right one.


Could you please tell us if this is the right method for finding the best testosterone boosters?


Of course, not! There can be significant side effects associated with taking different supplements. You might not be able to afford a certain supplement pill because it has a different formula.


Because of this, we have compiled a list of two of the best testosterone supplements.


We will discuss both of these pills in detail in this post. At the end of this discussion, you'll know which supplement is worth trying among these two.


There are two supplements that we will discuss: TestoPrime and TestoGen the Supplements contain the right combination of natural ingredients that safely increase T levels.


An increase in testosterone level further improves performance, supports weight loss, enhances sex drive, boosts confidence, and supports wellness. A man's quality of life is enhanced by an increase in testosterone level.


As you can see, testosterone supplements can have a profound effect on your life. To learn about each supplement's ingredients, read this TestoGen vs TestoPrime comparison until the end.


Also discussed in this article are both supplements' prices, pros, and cons.



#1. TestoGen Reviews


The key ingredients in TestoGen are magnesium, nettle leaf, boron, and BioPerine.


Magnesium assists in the production of testosterone by supporting healthy sleep patterns. Men who regularly exercise have been shown to have higher levels of free and total testosterone when they take magnesium.


Libido and muscle building can be improved with Nettle leaf extract, explained our dietitian. Lignans prevent the binding of SHBG (a glycoprotein that binds to estrogen) to DHT (a male hormone), which increases free testosterone levels.


In one study, boron increased testosterone levels by more than 20% for a group of test subjects after just one week of use. The hormone balance is also improved because it reduces estradiol, a form of estrogen.


A patented mineral in TestoGen, BioPerine, increases the bioavailability of its ingredients by up to 30%. Basically, it multiplies the positive effects of TestoGen.


In addition to testosterone booster pills, TestoGen also offers testosterone drops. As a result of taking TestoGen's products in combination, you can expect to see more potent results.



#2. TestoPrime Reviews


Five unique ingredients make up TestoPrime: vitamin B5, ashwagandha, green tea extract, pomegranate extract, and pepper extract. Your body should be able to produce more energy and immunity with TestoPrime (pantothenic acid).


Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb used for improving cognitive abilities, reducing inflammation, and boosting testosterone production. In addition to preventing cell damage and increasing libido, it prevents testosterone from converting into DHT.


We found that TestoPrime increased testosterone at a slower rate than TestoGen for 60% of our clients despite these ingredients.


There is strong evidence that pomegranate extract lowers blood pressure, boosts athletic performance, and treats diabetes. Due to its similarity to Bioperine from TestoGen, pepper extract may enhance nutrient absorption and digestion.


This testosterone supplement has been highly rated by 98% of those who have tried it. TestoPrime is also rated as the best supplement so far by more than half of the customers.


You can check TestoPrime before and after reviews to learn more.



TestoPrime vs. TestoGen: Key Differences


It is the formulation and the list of ingredients that distinguish TestoPrime from TestoGen.


The majority of the ingredients in TestPrime are shared, while the majority of the ingredients in TestoGen are unique. TestPrime contains 12 ingredients, while TestoGen contains one fewer ingredient.


In addition to a blend of vitamins, TestoPrime also contains ashwagandha extract, fenugreek,  green tea extract, garlic extract, and black pepper extract.


D-aspartic acid, red ginseng extract, fenugreek, boron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B, D, and K are all ingredients found in TestoGen, a T-booster. Science has backed a lot of these testosterone booster ingredients and many of them are specifically designed to boost testosterone levels.


Our dietitian explained, however, that some ingredients in TestoGen do have a bit more solid research behind them.

The Final Verdict


Despite their similarities, TestoPrime and TestoGen contain different ingredients. As a result of these differences, these two supplements are different from one another.


There is a noticeable difference between TestoPrime and TestoGen in that TestoPrime contains around 12 active ingredients and TestoGen only contains 11.


TestoGen has more ingredients, however, and multiple pieces of evidence support its superiority over TestoPrime. TestoPrime's problem is that its ingredients are better, but they are overserved or overdosed.


In addition, a few ingredients in this supplement aren't exactly beneficial to testosterone production.