Combining Sentences

What is a compound sentence?

A compound sentence is when two complete sentences are put together to make one new sentence. Compound sentences require a comma and a conjunction. Below you will find 4 examples of compound sentences using the following conjunctions- and, or, so, but.

Susan is my best friend, and I am inviting her to my party.

You should be nice to everyone, or you may end up without any friends.

I have a test tomorrow, so I need to go to bed early.

The trees in our yard fell, but we were able to remove them.


What is the best way to combine sentences? Combine means to put together.

Jose' woke up early.

Antonio woke up early.

There is one good way to combine these sentences, and it makes writing easier and better.

Jose' and Antonio woke up early.

Below you will find two more examples for combining sentences.

Jerry picks apples.

Jerry picks berries.

Jerry picks apples and berries.


Susan likes hotdogs.

Mary likes hamburgers

You can combine the above sentences, using a comma and "and".

Susan likes hotdogs, and Mary likes hamburgers.