1. Use commas when you have a series of more than two words.

Example: I like oranges, apples, and peaches.

If you use two words in your sentence, it will look like this example where no commas are needed.

Example: I like oranges and apples.

2. Use commas in dates. Example: April 17, 2010. If you write the day of the week, use another comma.

Example: Saturday, April 17, 2010

3. Use commas in compound sentences.

Example: Basketball is a great sport, but I like baseball better.

4. Use commas between the names of cities and states. Example: Purvis, Mississippi

5. Use commas in friendly letters. Example:

Dear Students,

     I hope you have learned a lot in second grade this year. I will miss you next year. Always do your best.


                                                                               Mrs. Federinko