Classroom Information

Mrs. Lonon’s Parent Handbook



I will be sending newsletters and other forms of communication home in your child’s backpack.  I will also be communicating through email.    Please make sure you return the yellow information form with your email address.  If you need to send me a note, you can email me at or send a note in your child’s regular kindergarten folder.  I can also be reached at 623-445-3539 before or after school. 

Discipline Plan

Along with the school wide discipline plan of Love and Logic, we also implement a green, yellow, red leaf system in our classroom (similar to a stoplight system).  All students start each day on the green leaf (great day), moving to yellow leaf after a warning.  If it is necessary to move to the red leaf, the child will go to the “thinking chair” to allow them to reflect upon their behavior.  When they are ready to rejoin the class, the teacher will talk with them individually about why they are in the thinking chair and what they could have done differently.  If your child goes into the yellow or red leaf, you will receive an Oops note explaining why.  Please remember that all children make mistakes and that is how they learn.  It is best to discuss with them what they could have done differently the next time. 


We will be having a snack time in kindergarten enrichment each day.  If they wish to have a snack, you must send one if for your child each day.  Please remember that we are a NUT FREE CLASSROOM.   PLEASE, no sugary items, such as candy bars, donuts, chips.    Some suggestions are as follows:   pretzels, animal crackers, goldfish, granola bars, fruit snacks, raisins, graham crackers, fruit bars, crackers, cut up fruit or veggies, or anything else that you may think of, (no nuts/peanut butter).  Thanks!


Appropriate Clothing

Be sure to dress your child appropriately for school:  such as, shoes that can be worn for outside play in the sand, and choosing clothes that may get dirty, etc.  We do get messy at school, even when wearing paint shirts!!  Please keep an extra set of clothing in your child’s backpack, accidents still happen!



  • It is extremely important that we know how your child is to get home each day.  If at any time their situation changes, we need a note from you, or a phone call to the office.  Please do not leave a message on my classroom phone, as I will not get the message until after school has ended.  We DO NOT allow students to tell us the change.  Please let us know if this will be a permanent change or just for that particular day.  We are very strict about this and feel that it is important for your child’s safety. 
  • Afternoon parent pick-up will be in the same location as morning drop off.  To ensure student safety, please follow the blue lines to the loading area and direction given from teachers in that area.  Please be on time!
  • Bus riders will be walked to the buses on the far east side of campus.  Your child will have a bus tag attached to their backpack with their bus number on it.  Please help your child learn their bus number and make sure they wear their tag the first few weeks. 
  • The afterschool children will also be walked to where they need to be.