Sound development

How do I know what sounds my child should be saying?

Children learn different sounds at different times.  Sounds are learned, practiced and perfected (mastered) in different positions in words. 

These are some easy guideline to help you know what sounds your child should be saying at different ages:

 Age Beginning of word Middle of word End of word Other
 3 years m,n,p,t,k,b,d,g,f,h,w  m,n,ing,p,t,f,r,l all vowel sounds
 3 1/2 years s, sh  k,b,d,g,sh 
 4 years j,r,l,y   
 4 1/2 years ch  s,ch 
 5 years good production of all sounds listed above   
 6 years th, v  th (thank), v 
 7 years z  th (that), j 
 8 years