Entrance/Exit Tickets

I purchased a train ticket to go to Boston from Washington D.C. The train leaves the station at 11:00 PM and arrives in Boston, MA at 8:00 the next morning. How much time did I spend on the train?

School starts promptly at 8:40 each morning. If I arrive 2 hours earlier to prepare for the day what time did I arrive?

Math Remediation starts at 9:45 on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The class ends at 10:25, in time for specials. How much time has elapsed from the beginning of Math Remediation until the end?

If you start your soccer game at 8:45 and it ends at 10:15, how much  time will have passed?

Martin's bus leaves central station at 9:15. He is scheduled to arrive at his destination at 11:45. Sally's bus leaves Reston's station at 6:15. Her bus is scheduled to arrive at 10:30. Who has the longer bus ride?