eLearning Days


This is the page that you will come to when it is time for the eLearning days.  This is where you will find your assignment for that day.  Please post your assignments on time.  If you do not, you will be considered absent for that day of school.  Below you will see the assignment for the day.

9/17/18 Advanced Composition: Go to my website.  You will need to read "The Mouse" and "The Crimson Candle" short stories.  Relax, the one story is less than half a page long.  Once you get done reading these stories, think back to all of the Unexpected Turn Stories that we have read.  That would be "The Cobweb," "A Rose for Emily," "The Petting Zoo," "The Mouse," and "The Crimson Candle."  Choose which one of these stories had the best unexpected ending.  In a well-rounded paragraph discuss your choice, along with the reasons why you feel this was the best ending compared to the rest.  Send this to me in a simple email, prior to class on Tuesday.    

9/17/18 English 10 Honors: You will simply need to read Ch. 5-6.  Have these read by the time that you come to class on Tuesday.  ENJOY!