eLearning Days


This is the page that you will come to when it is time for the eLearning days.  This is where you will find your assignment for that day.  Please post your assignments on time.  If you do not, you will be considered absent for that day of school.  Below you will see the assignment for the day.

4/4/18 Advanced Composition: Go to my website.  You will need to click on The Body.  You will be able to view our novel that we are going to start reading.  You will need to read Ch. 1-5.  Relax....they are very short chapters.  Please be prepared for a quiz when you come to class on Thursday.  

English 10 Honors: No class this semester.

4/4/18 English 9 Honors: You will need to email me the similarities and the differences that you have noted in the movie compared to the original tale.  This is all that you will need to do at this point.  Wednesday Writer Igniter has been cancelled for today.