eLearning Days


Below you will find your assignment for eLearning Days.  Please post your assignments on time.  If you do not, you will be considered absent for that day of school.  

1/30/19 Advanced Composition:   You will need to find a piece of literature of your choice. This can be a movie, TV show, short story, or song. You will need to find one that has at least three instances of irony within it, or you can choose three different pieces of literature to analyze the irony in each.  In an email, name the literature, explain the three instances of irony, what type of irony each one is, and why the author chose to use irony. Be sure that you are writing in complete sentences and that you use proper standard English conventions.

1/31/19 Advanced Composition:  Now that you have been finding the different types of ironies In literature, what do you think about it?  Do you think that it makes stories better? Why or why not?  Think about how irony is used in real life. When people use irony in real life, does it make situations better or worse? Is there a difference between irony in stories and irony in real life?  Why do you think this is? In a well-rounded response, of at least three paragraphs, discuss the answers to these questions and any others that they might lead you to, when thinking about irony.  Send your responses in a simple email.

2/4/19: Advanced Composition:  Even though we have not finished Big Fish, you will need to go to my website and click on irony essay.  I want you to form a working thesis and send it to me.  You are still able to use Big Fish, as we will finish it in class tomorrow.  Send me your working thesis statement in a simple email.

1/30/19English 9 Honors:  You will need to finish your Poe-like pieces of literature that you started in class yesterday.  Submit them to me as a Word document in an email.  Whatever day we return to class, I will give you 1/2-3/4 of the block to make final plans for your presentations, so if you need to continue to work on those, do so as well.  

1/31/19 English 9 Honors:  You will need to go read your next short story, “The Ravine.”  When you have finished reading it, you will need to answer the 3 Refer and Reason Questions at the end of the story.  Your responses need to be written in complete sentences.  Be sure to be thorough in your responses.  Send them to me in a simple email.

2/4/19: English 9 Honors:  Tomorrow I will give you 1/2 the block to make your final finishings on your Poe projects.  The second 1/2 of the block will be presentations, so anything else that you need to complete at home, do so.  You will need to go back to "The Ravine" page on my website.  There you will need to complete #2 in the Writing Options.  Send your assignment to me in a Word document through email.