Policies and Procedures

Classroom Policies and Procedures
Be prepared with material
Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are not allowed in the classroom
Raise your hand to be recognized
Remain in your seat until told to do otherwise
Be courteous
Respect others and their property
Be on time
Teacher / Student Conference
Time Out
Team / Student Conference
Writing Assignment  (Requires A Parents Signature) 
Parent Contact
Internal or External Suspension

Tardy Consequences 

1st Writing Assignment

 (Requires A Parents Signature)

2nd Detention

3rd Referral

Absence Policy
 You are responsible to make up all work within two school days
Homework Policies and Procedures 
All assignments will be recorded by the student in their daily planner
Homework assignments are to be turned in on their  Due Date 
All assignments that are not turned in on their due date will receive a deduction per day
Grading Policy 

A 90-100 
B+ 87-89 
B 80-86 
C+ 77-79 
C 70-76 
D+ 60-66 
D 60-69 
F 59-0