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First article :

Step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a site

Advantages of setting up a website on the Internet:
low cost
Quick setup
Eternal income
Automatic sales
Attract more customers
Discover new markets
Low cost advertising
A variety of ways to set up a site on the Internet:
Launch a blog
running website
Types of site launch topics based on user type:
Content-driven content sites
User-centric sites
Service-based sites
Combined sites

Identify your goals for setting up a site before you start
Identify your content management system before launching the site
    WordPress (suitable for all types of websites)
    Joomla (suitable for setting up all kinds of websites)
    Prestashop (only suitable for setting up an online store)
    Open card (only suitable for setting up an online store)
    Tomato Card (only suitable for setting up an online store)
    And …
Website setup steps:
The first step in building a site: choosing a domain name
The second step of building a site: buy the right host
The third step of building a website: choosing a website template
The fourth step is to build a site: SEO and increase site sales