IXL Requirements


Third Grade IXL

Third grade students will be responsible for completing certain IXL skills in Math, Reading, and Language Arts for Formative Assessment grades.  Skills will be assigned to reinforce and practice skills being taught in the classroom.  Smart Scores will be checked at 3:00 PM on the assigned due date.  Students that earn a Smart Score of 90%-100% will earn a 100% and all other students will earn the Smart score that they receive. 


Due August 13th

  • Language Arts J J 1 - Sentence Types
  • Math A1 Even or Odd

Due August 20th


Due August 27th

  • Language Arts I 1 - Story Elements
  • Language Arts HH 2 - Context Clues
  • Math P1 Rounding to the Nearest Ten or Hundred

Due September 3rd

  • Language Arts J J 2, 3 - Compound Subject and Predicate

Due September 10th

  • Language Arts J J 8 - Simple or Compound Sentences
  • Language Arts M 1 - Reading fantasy with illustrations
  • Math N3 Properties of Addition
  • Math P6 Estimate Sums Up to 1,000

Due September 17th

  • Language Arts N 1 - Read realistic fiction
  • Language Arts J J 7 - Complete sentence, fragment, or run-on
  • Math C1 Add 2 Numbers Up to 3 Digits

Due September 24th

  • P9 Estimate Differences Up to 1,000

Due October 1st

  • Math D1 Subtract Numbers Up to 3 Digits

Due October 8th

  • Math D4 Subtract Across Zero

Due October 15th

  • Math E4 Relate Addition and Multiplication For Equal Groups

Due October 22nd

  • Math E5 Identify Multiplication Expressions for Arrays

Due October 29

  • Math I1 Divide By Counting Equal Groups