Important pole dancing clothes for the perfect performance

The thing that plays vital role in pole dancing is pole dance costumes to make it a win-win for the pole dancer whether in group classes, competitions or home poling. We are here with some important tips that can help you select the right pole dance clothes in which you are comfortable and can give best performance as well.

Pole dance apparel: In a pole class, the thing that acts to be a lifesaver is padded crop top that is must for etiquettes of pole dance. At the time of selecting pole dance apparels, girls often replacecrop tops with bandeau clothes with colors and prints matching their style. At the time of selecting pole dance costumes, it is important to avoid the tops that are arm covering as it can create hindrance in having proper grip of the pole.

Shirts: Majority of pole dancers love to wear shorts since they allow enough of skin exposure that can make the pole dance effective and alluring. Grip is important in pole tricks for better execution and it needs unobstructed contact between dance pole and the skin. This is the reason why selection of proper pole dancing clothes is important. Several designs are available to opt from like side fishnet, corset, mesh, retro, laced, high waist and other styles available in range of colors for matching the needs.

For men, the available styles are limited and they give look more like the shorts for cycling. For enhanced protection, crotch portion is having extra padding on it.

Pole dance leggings: There are some people who love to wear longer pole dance clothes to feel comfortable. In this case, there are pole dance leggings available made especially for the fitness on pole. The material vinyl or silky polyester is used for making these pole dance apparel bottoms. It depends on the effect and style that is desired by the pole dance costumes to highlight. The property of these materials is elastic and soft that makes them appropriate for pole dancing that is physically spirited activity.

It is important to note that friction is reduced by pole dance leggings between pole and body. This can be dangerous in the case when pole is not under complete control of the performer. It is therefore important to select the pole dance leggings on the basis of their material. Grip might be offered by vinyl and leather materials conflicting to jersey or cotton leggings. However, the dance moves will get limited by this.

These are some of the important tips that must be taken care of while selecting pole dancing clothes. Also, do not forget to get the pole dance costumes from well-known brands only as this will help to get best quality material. You can go for any pole dancing clothes based on your preference. Wide ranges of options are available such as skirts, shorts, leggings, top etc. All you need to take care is of the comfort and appropriate grip that is must to make the performance effective and safe.