Pole Dance Wear

What clothes you must opt for your pole dancing classes

If you are thinking to start pole dance classes then I must say it’s a very good decision as you are about to join the best dance form which is very beneficial for health and it keeps us fit. Before going to the class the most important thing you need to decide is what you will wear so that you can easily practice your dance. I am telling you some information regarding that.

You should opt following pole wear:

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  1. Sports Bra: Whenever you start your dancing you must wear a sports bra as it helps you in feeling comfortable. In this dance form, you will move a lot sopolewear should be very comfortable and remains in its place. You can wear a t-shirt over a sports bra during your warming up sessions and spins. You can lift your hands full with the sports bra. Even for some of the tricks, you may go upside down and at that time skin grip should be on the side. If you wear a loose t-shirt or another top you may not feel that cozy. It is the best Pole Dance Wear.
  2. Shorts: You need shorts to wear. In this dance form, you should have a proper grip over knees & highs which you can get only through shorts as if you wear any lower which covers your legs then you won’t be able to get a good grip. For example, if you have to sit on the pole while dancing you need to squeeze your thighs which is not possible with running shorts. In some of the dance tracks, you should have a good grip with your skin. You can take high waist shorts as Pole Dance Shortsas its look good. During warm-up sessions, you can choose leggings but not for the whole duration as some pole tricks are not possible with leggings. During winters you can try leg warmers.
  3. Bare Feet: In the beginning, it is advisable that you should practice bare feet. Once you have good command over it you can go for heels. Pole dance looks sexy with heels. Make it sure heels which you will wear should be not very heavy and slippery. You can easily find good shoes for pole dancing with a wide collection. Still, if feel uncomfortable then you should dance with bare feet. You can wear socks.

Some bonus tips:

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  • Don’t use Moisturizer: Before twenty-four hours of the commencement of class don’t apply moisturizer on your body as if you will be having moisturized skin then it will become hard to have a grip over the pole and you may slide down.
  • During dance class carry Knee pads: Whenever you are practicing pole dance it is better to carry knee pads as its help you to protect knees in case you fall down on the floor.

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