Contributing to the Profession/Resources

Contributing to the Profession: Resources



Research shows Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Strategies helps students with disabilities learn valuable social skills in the classroom.

  • 13 Strategies for Social Emotional Learning-​​ This site lists 13 strategies for teachers to help students become more aware of their own emotions and those of others. It teaches strategies for calming oneself and "shelving" problems while collaborating with others and learning communication skills. Some of these techniques have come in handy for me when working with students in a small group or individually, especially when a student is upset.

  • LD Online, Educators Guide to Learning Disabilities and ADHD: Practicing Social Skills: How to Teach Your Student Social Interactions- This site makes educators aware of the needs of students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Since I push into the classroom, I value teaching students social skills in the moment. I have also started small groups with some of the excersizes. I am beginning to use social stories online.

  • Edutopia, Cooperative Learning Fits into the Calculation, How to Teach Math as a Social Activity- A teacher in Alaska shares strategies for teaching SEL strategies through cooperative learning groups. His methods teach rules for collaboration and respect within learning groups. He provides useful resources.

  • Laura Candler's Cooperative Learning Resources, Math Problem Resources- I really enjoy using the Recharge and Write Math Problem Solving method from Laura Candler. It is the perfect lesson to use in a small group using social skills and after teaching how to solve word problems. My students love this method!


Effective Instruction

  • Google 

Google documents are a great way to create writing assignments using voice to text. Students may also practice developing typing and editing skills using spell check. The document can be shared with the teacher or other students for review. Several can work on the document at once. Google slides are a great way for students to present visual presentations.

Google calendar is a great way to keep track of the teacher schedule, meetings, and attendance.

Google telephone provides a business number rather than using a personal number.

  • Stoodle

This site helps special education teachers provide online services to students with special circumstances, for example home hospital situations or students with anxiety about attending services. I am still learning to use this site.

  • Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers help students organize their thoughts. These organizers can be downloaded and printed or typed into online.


Collaboration with General Education

  • County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Guidelines for Grading Students with Disabilities

This site helps new teachers understand accommodations verses modifications and gives guidelines for grading students with IEP's. The guidelines outline the criteria for graduation.