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My Development as a Professional Educator

Developing as a Professional Educator


Progress Towards My Long Term Goal

My long-term goal was to provide effective instruction to my students in the areas of academics, sensory needs, and behavior. I also wanted to increase my technological awareness. I hoped to solve individual student needs in order to help my students be successful in the general education classroom, consequently also helping the general education teacher. I wanted to improve in the area of completing paperwork related to district procedure. I have greatly improved my effectiveness in all of these areas, yet will continue these goals for next year as I hone my skills.


Compare/Contrast My Initial CSTP and My Final CSTP

I rated myself as “Applying” in all areas for the first assessment, and “Integrating” for all areas in the final assessment.

My strengths are in Engaging and Supporting all students in Learning, Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning, and Assessing Students for Learning. I would like to implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies to help Create and Maintain Effective Environments for next year, so I consider this an area for continued improvement.

I surprised myself in the area of Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning by improving my uses of a variety of instructional strategies including technology. In the area of Developing as a Professional Educator, my collaboration with colleagues has greatly improved this year, which I didn’t expect.


Professional Goal Beyond Induction

I would like to fully incorporate SEL strategies next year and encourage other new teachers to do the same. I believe my special ed students need specific training on how to behave socially in groups. I will collaborate with gen ed teachers to teach the strategies to the class together at the beginning of the year. The students, general ed teacher and I will assess the goal attainment.


Remaining a Connected Educator

I will collaborate with administrators, special ed, general ed, parents, and service providers to stay on top of student needs throughout my career. I will grab every chance I get for more professional training and constantly look online for new teaching ideas/techniques. 


How to Sustain the Energy to be Passionate About Students, Teaching, and Learning?

According to the article on the Edutopia webite, “6 Traits of Life-Changing Teachers,” the teachers who make the most difference in the lives of their students share the following qualities; “....the most direct and longest-lasting way to reach a child—to really make a difference in his or her life—is through so-called noncognitive dimensions like passion, patience, rigor, and kindness.”

I believe the way to stay professionally passionate about teaching is to love learning and show your students that passion. Be a creative teacher! Care about your students and show interest in their lives. Be patient as they make mistakes and evolve in learning. Help them feel confident in themselves and know when to push them with higher expectations.

Personally, I can sustain my passion for teaching by having a life outside of teaching, pursuing my own interests, exercising to keep down stress levels, and traveling, my favorite passtime. Truly caring for my students and helping them solve learning problems is the most important work I can imagine!


Quote From Reflective Coach 

"Polly takes initiative and goes the extra mile to ensure the needs of her students are met in the most effective way possible. She is enthusiastic and collaborative!"

-Shannon Smith


Advice For New Teachers 

I suggest implementing SEL strategies on the first day of class. The strategies include a Working Agreement to help student listening and guidelines for Discussion Goals. Collaborating in groups helps students stretch their learning to grasp concepts, helps them learn how to behave socially in groups, and see how to solve problems in a variety of ways. It also supports your classroom management and lets students know how much you care about them as individuals. Students can't learn until there is a safe environment!

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