Take Home Book Program

Below you will find the letter that came home with your original Take Home Book Program Packet.  You will also find the explanation of how to help your child write an IVF Summary. If you have lost the IVF form look at the bottom of this page for a smaple and create new one on a new paper.

Into Letter 

Take Home Book ProgramWe are starting our Take Home Book Program.  This is a great opportunity to get appropriate reading materials for your child.  Your child will get a new book each week.  They will read it with you twice and write a summary before turning it back in.  Summary writing is a skill that your child will use throughout their education and is an indicator of your child’s level of comprehension.  I will work with you to make sure your child is reading at the appropriate level.  You will have an opportunity each week to tell me if the level is too hard or too easy.  If a selection has a few new words but your child can read most of the words it is about right.  If your child is struggling with every word, or if your child reads the whole thing quickly and with ease please tell me so I can adjust the level.This is also a chance to teach your child organizational skills.  Please keep all papers in the folder.  You child should know how to put papers in a folder without the edges hanging out or being creased in the middle of the folder. They will also need to be careful when taking the folder in and out of their backpack as the books will sometime slide out. These folders and books take a lot of supplies and time to assemble.  If you happen to lose the folder or book there will be a $2 charge to replace it.  Thank you in advance for helping your child discover the value of learning to read!

Mrs. Ponsor

Explanation of how to write an IVF

Take Home BooksYour child is bringing home a “Take Home Book”.  Please be excited to spend time with your child reading this book.  Your child due date is on the front of the folder.  Each reading group has a different day. If your child turns in their folder late, there may be a delay in its return.


·        Listen to your child read the story.  They need to read it to you at least two times each night. 

·        Be careful with this book.  It is part of a class set…please no coloring or writing in the book. 

·        After your child reads the book to you at least two times, help your student complete the IVF form. 

·        Add your comments about your child’s reading at the bottom in the “Comments” section.

 ·        Make sure the folder with the book and the IVF form are returned to school on the day it is due back to school. 

IVF SummaryEach time your child reads a take home book he/she will need to write an IVF.  IVF is a way to help students organize a summary sentence.   I- identify.  Tell what you read. For these books the “I” will be the book’s title.  V-is for verb.  A book tells us about something, teaches us about something or explains something.  F – is for finish.  This is where your child completes the sentence with information from the book.  Here is an example: 

The book titled The Haircut    told us about   a boy who went to get his first haircut.                         I                                      V                                           F 

To help your child organize the sentence you may want to have them fill out a table and then copy the parts into a sentence.Example: I-the haircutV-told us aboutF-a boy who went to get his first haircut 

Then write it outThe book titled The Haircut told us about a boy who went to get his first haircut. Some verbs that can be used…









 IVF Form

 Name_________________________  Date_______________ 

Take Home Books - IVF Form




Write it out____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Parent CommentsChecklist –

Did your child do the following?My child read the book at least two times and completed the IVF._______________

My child read the book at least two MORE times and we reviewed the IVF._____________