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Door design

A deep door means that it's designed to hold many items, such as half-gallon jugs of milk or juice. Narrow doors will likely hold a few 12-ounce cans of soda. Decide what you most want to portable freezer manufacturers in the fridge to choose your preferred door design.


There are stainless steel, black, and vibrant-colored mini fridges to match your personality and decor. Some cooling boxes manufacturers come in retro colors, such as red, blue, or green. Others may combine a black body and stainless steel door.

Reversible door

Most models of mini fridges have reversible door options. That means you can put the fridge anywhere in a room without limitations, making access to your fridge much easier. It may be tricky to change the door, but there are directions in the manual or online on how to switch the door.


The tiniest mini fridge suppliers of one cubic foot or less store a can or a bottle or two of soda and cost around $34 to $50. More traditional mini fridges with about 1.7-cubic-foot capacity, ideal for dorm rooms or to place under office desks, run about $84 to $120. Fridges that are 2.4 to 3.3 cubic feet run from $120 to $144, with some models that include a separate top freezer running as high as $220.