Here are the vocabulary words for Theme 1:


The Lost and Found Vocabulary

directions - lines or paths along which someone or something goes, lies, or points

rumpled - wrinkled or creased

situations - sets of conditions at certain moments in time

unusual - not usual, common, or ordinary

visible - able to be seen

worried - concerned or anxious


The Ballad of Mulan Vocabulary

armor - body covering, often of metal, worn for protection in battle

comrades - companions who share one's activities

endured - put up with or lasted through

farewell - goodbye

triumphant - successful

troops - soldiers

victorious - having won by defeating another person or group.


The Waterfall Vocabulary

boulders - large, rounded rocks

canyon - a deep valley with steep walls on both sides, formed by running water

cauldron - a large pot used for boiling

ledges - flat spaces like shelves on the sides of cliffs or rock walls

rapids - a group of small waterfalls in a river where the water flows very fast

scouted - observed or explored carefully for information

sheer - very steep