high pressure washer

Teach you how to use an ultra high pressure cleaner

How to use a high-pressure cleaner Since the emergence of a high-pressure cleaner, it has played a big role in various fields. It can quickly and easily clean up pipes, vehicles, roads, ship decks or high walls of buildings. Ultra-high pressure water jets can also be used to cut hard metal objects and more. However, a thing has two qualities, and if not handled properly, a powerful water jet can also cause harm to people. Only through the necessary training and training, you must master some skills and principles that you must be familiar with in order to complete the work safely and smoothly without causing harm to yourself and others. Pay attention to the proper protective equipment, cleaning fluid, power source safety, etc.

1. When operating the high pressure cleaner, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. Each high-pressure cleaning device model is different and will help you operate safely and efficiently, following the instructions for your device model.

2. Analyze and evaluate the project and work plan you are working on. Consider the required pressure values: If you wash the siding or fence, the pressure of the work from top to bottom will be different for each part. Consider fragile and thin objects such as windows, vents or lamps. Avoid commercial pressure washers.

3. Select a suitable nozzle or nozzle to be installed on the device. The nozzle connection is connected to the high pressure wash pump and the motor through a hose. The nozzle determines the pressure of the water, so it should be selected. Equipped with the right components will help provide greater power.

4. Decide if you will use chemicals. Most models of machines or special nozzles allow you to add high pressure spray cleaners or detergents. Adding chemicals makes it easier to clean the project quickly. To select the appropriate chemical solution, refer to the instruction manual for how to add chemicals.

5, wear protective glasses and gloves, and then start operating. If the construction is very noisy, you may also consider using earplugs to protect your ears.

6. Before starting the high pressure cleaner, check all connections, whether it is tight or not. A loose nozzle can become a projectile. When you turn on the power, it will hurt people and destroy property.

7. Start the pressure washer and test spray. To go from near to far, step by step, and then slowly spray it to a distance of 2 to 3 meters. Operate a few times, then stop for a while to see if it is clean. If not, continue to operate close.

8. After determining the ideal spray distance, continue the slow, orderly movement on the surface until the cleaned surface or object meets the required standard.

9. If you are using a chemical solution, wait 5 to 10 minutes for the chemical solution to work properly, then rinse the surface with water and rinse to a satisfactory result.

10, high-pressure cleaning equipment cleaning system should be maintained and maintained frequently, so that it is in good condition at any time. This is a prerequisite for using a high pressure cleaner.