BTT – Web Page Assignment


Name:                                                                                                                                                    Date: April 17, 2012


You will create a web page about yourself using Microsoft Word saving the document as a web page (html). 


Assignment Expectations:

Your page should include the following:

-title:  All About Me

-subtitles:  Personal, Travel, Interests, Volunteer Work

-graphics that relate (i.e., Picture of yourself, places you would like to travel, or objects of interest)

-main page

-second page


-contact information

-creation and update information

-links to the second page and back

-links to other sites

-lines and/or tables

-Word Art

-bullets and numbering

                Create a folder with your name.

                Place all files within this folder.

                Place this folder into webpage dropoff folder for grading.




Web Page Evaluation Chart





-folder created (1)

-pages saved with correct names (2)

-graphics within folder (1)





-title and headings (5)

-visually pleasing (3)

-date for creation and last update(2)

-contact information(2)

-two pages:  Main/home and contact (2)

-spelling, grammar, punctuation  (5)





-balanced layout on home page (1)

-lines for sections (2)

-bullets and numbering (2)

-text for headings are consistent (2)

-graphics relate to site info (2)


                contact page (1)

                return to main (1)

                one other sites (1)




K/U:  _____/4                       Com:  _____/19    App:  _____/12    Total:  _____/35




Course Expectations:


                -demonstrate the use of basic functions and features of common business software;

                -produce documents that meet basic business standards and formats;


                -demonstrate the ability to input data effectively;

                -use common business software basic functions and features;

                -follow written and oral instructions regarding the use of software applications;

                -use electronic references effectively;