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Course 2 and Course 3 Math Syllabus
Mr. Pablo A. Prado
Room 1001 C
(305) 971-0158, ext. 1004
Course Overview The purpose of these courses is to complete the development of the skills of arithmetic and continue introducing mathematical content fundamental for higher-level course work. The content should include, but not be limited to, whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers, rational numbers, number theory, ratio, proportion, percent, geometry, graphing, algebra, measurement, estimation, probability, statistics, problem solving, and knowledge of the use of calculators and computer. Course Summary • Data Analysis • Number Sense and Operations • Geometry • Measurement • Algebraic Thinking AnchorBe prepared for class. • Quietly go to your assigned seat. • You must be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. • Have your home-learning and supplies on your desk. • You need at least 2 sharpened pencils and two red or green pens for every class. (No mechanical pencils)
• Look at the front board to see if there are special directions and/or problems that need to be started immediately. (Do Now)• Have your materials ready before the teacher begins the class.
Pay close attention to the teacher during lessons. • I will teach you all that you need to know to do well in your math class. • You need to be in class, be attentive, and show great effort. • Please, do not disturb other students. They are paying attention. • When you have a question, always raise your hand and wait patiently. I will call on you. Listen while other questions are being asked and answered. • Disruptive behavior and/or talking without permission will NOT be tolerated. Consequences include: (1) lowering of your conduct grade, (2) clean-up duties, (3) detentions, (4) parent contact, (5) referral to the counselor, (6) referral to the Administration.
(1) Specific praise to individual students, (2) recognition notes and phone calls to parents, (3) Display students’ work, (4) Participation in fieldtrips, (5) etc.

Heading your paper: (Write the correct heading on all papers).
Left Hand Corner
1. Textbook Page Number(s)
2. The exercises numbers to be completed Right Hand Corner 1. Full Name: Last, First.
2. Date 2. Period Number: (1 - 7) 3. Areas of Interaction (AOI)
4. Teacher’s last name* Each assignment must have an answer column OR have the answers highlighted. Appropriate problem solution steps must be shown in order to receive credit. * While working during class: • Begin working on your assignment immediately. • Raise your hand if you need additional help. • There is no talking without permission. When appropriate, collaborative learning groups will be assigned, as well as “study buddy teams.” • Always remain in your seat unless permission is given to move around the room. • There is NEVER gum chewing, eating, or drinking in the classroom. When we have visitors: • Continue to work on your assignment. • Continue to show your usual best behavior. • Use the opportunity to impress the visitor. • Make me proud! Use of the restroom: • Use the restroom before class. • A pass will be given when necessary. • If possible, try to wait until after the lesson so that you will not miss valuable instruction.
Dismissal from class: • When the bell rings, wait for the teacher to dismiss the class by rows. • Exit and proceed to your next class. • Leave the room neat and clean. Put trash in the trash can. Everyone helps to keep the room neat and attractive. • Never write on the desks.
ATTENDANCE/ TARDY POLICIES In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up all assignments. For days absent, you will have the equivalent number of days to make up the work. Any work that is not made-up will result in a zero. Try not to let this happen! WHEN YOU
Tardy Policy
• 1st tardy: Clean-up duty / detention/ parental contact
• 2nd tardy: Written notification / parental contact • 3rd tardy: Referral to the appropriate administrator Evaluation will be based on: • Home-learning, class work, quizzes, tests, class participation, projects, etc. • Home-learning is graded each day. Have your red pen ready. A 90 – 100 3.50 - 4.00 B 80 - 89 2.50 - 3.49 C 70 - 79 1.50 - 2.49 D 60 - 69 1.00 - 1.49 F 0 - 59 0.00 - 0.99 * FIRST HOME-LEARNING ASSIGNMENT: Return the signed paper showing that you and your parents have read these class rules. I will distribute the "signature document" during your first class. The signed paper will then be placed in your work folder and an "A" grade will be recorded in the grade book. This grade might be lowered if the class rules are not adhered to by the student. **

WHY NOT FORMS- Students who do not do or complete their homework as expected, MUST take a WHY NOT form home AND sign the “Why Not” log in class. This form is to be filled out by the student, signed by the parent(s), and returned to class the next class day. If the form is not returned signed the student will have to call their parents during class and inform them of the problem. At which point, the teacher will also speak to the parent.
MATERIALS LIST: The following is a list of the materials your child is expected to have for mathematics on a daily basis. Other materials might be requested as the school year develops.• a folder with pockets and prongs • large composition book (usually black and white cover) • MANY #2 pencils (everyday) • TWO red or green pens for checking work – (2 is a minimum) • wide-ruled notebook paper (lots of it) • erasers and highlighters (to highlight your answers) • graph paper • protractor • colored pencils • pencil sharpener. • pencil box or pouch * Students are required to keep a well-organized mathematics COMPOSITION

  • Calculators: 7th. and 8th. graders only: Bring a generic calculator (regular calculator).

  • Additionally, the folder with prongs and pockets will serve as a container for lined paper, graph paper, and other materials such as home learning assignments. These items will be needed during every class.
  • Materials and notebooks may be checked for a grade, as the teacher deems necessary. Thank you for your support and consideration. Our team effort will make this a great year for your child. I can be reached most easily by EMAIL at: Pradop@dadeschools.netI am looking forward to another successful, productive, and rewarding school year. You will want to maintain an "A" or "B" average in order to advance to the following math course next year. A "C" grade is not good enough for advancement. You need to show MASTERY of the subject matter. If you work as hard as I do everyday, you will achieve your goal.

Pablo A. Prado, M.S. Mathematics Teacher (305) 971-0158. Ext. 1004

Parent-Student-Teacher Agreement

Welcome to the 2011– 2012 School Year Signatures Required. Return to Mr. Prado. We, the parents of , have read, understand, and agree to follow the mathematics guidelines.
The rules document was given to your child during their first math class. Additionally, the document can be read on Mr. Prado’s web page. New information will often be posted to this web page. Please check its contents whenever possible. Thank you in advance for staying involved and informed. =============================================================== Please sign and return. Student (print) name , Period Student signature Parent (print) name _ Parent signature Prompt return of this document will result in an ‘A’ grade for the first home learning assignment. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Your child’s mathematics teacher, Mr. Pablo A. Prado, M.S.
Mathematics Teacher
Ammons Middle School

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