About Me

Our philosophy - A happy pregnant is a better mom !!

What mother has never felt overwhelmed by happiness, but also by the fatigue of taking care of her baby which requires constant attention and care? Add to that, feedings every 3 hours, changing diapers, chores, visits from parents who are curious to contemplate the little wonder and that's it. Oh, how nice it would be to manage to enjoy this new life, if she wasn't so tired! Add to that the hormonal reorganization, and we have a mom in free fall. Some women are chronically tired, others hold on to the help of their own mom or a friend. But sometimes it seems like it's not enough, the new mom ends the day breathless while losing touch with the outside world. What we did before is not what we do now. Our social life, our friends, our parties: everything changes, at least for a while…. So what could be better than going out, training with your baby in the company of other mothers? What better company?


During MammaFit, here is what moms find:

Starting an exercise program helps fight discouragement and loneliness - as well as depression in more severe cases

  • Socialization and togetherness - training with other mothers who are experiencing the same problems
  • Specialized program for the delicate postpartum period
  • Mothers are encouraged to devote an hour to their well-being without taking anything away from the Child
  • Mothers are encouraged to attend classes because there is no need for a babysitter
  • Mothers have a strong desire to lose the weight gained during pregnancy
  • The bond between mother and child is strengthened
  • Mothers need to leave the home, to meet other mothers and share their problems but also their joys
  • Mothers are the role model for their children: MammaFit is a joyful way to teach our children a love for sports.

Our mission

Our goal is to offer a pre and postpartum program to take care of yourself and respond in a natural but targeted way to the problems of mothers during the delicate phases of pregnancy and after birth: back and hip pain, loose abdomen. , stress urinary incontinence… What to do? We've included moms in the fitness world, those who are keen to get rid of those extra rolls and still wear the jeans from before. This is why we have created a specific training program which not only aims to tone the "usual" muscles, but which also includes exercises allowing mothers to get back into shape gradually and in complete safety. Unlike conventional centers,