Miss Bogoski's Art Page

Art Class

Hello and welcome to the D.P.A. Art page!  Here you will find Sketchbook Topics and other interesting information about Art class, and fun Art websites to visit.

Sketchbook Topics: 

9/27/10     1.    Gather 5 items from around the house or your room.  Arrange them in a grouping.  Draw the arrangement.

10/4/10     2.  Design the World's Silliest Hat.  Explain why this hat would make you rich and famous.

10/11/10    3.  Design a flag for your school.  Explain what the symbols/designs you used mean.

10/18/10   4.  What if a "plu" arrived at the zoo?  Design a poster advertising the new arrival, encouraging people to visit the plu.  Tell how the plu came to the zoo.

10/25/10  5.  T-Shirt design.  Draw four simple T-shirt shapes on the paper.  They can all be the same or you can vary their shape.  Create a graphic (it can be as simple as a circle) for each shirt:  Shape, logo, or a word.  Use your favorite color combinations to color the shirts.  How appealing are your color choices now that you see them on paper?  What changes would you make?

11/1/10  6.  What if you created a new color?  Combine 5-6 colors to make a new color, name and describe this new color.    Describe several uses for your new color.

11/8/10  7.  Cartooning:  Moral Focus.  Plan out and draw a 5-6 panel cartoon for your favorite T.V.  show.  Have the subject of the cartoon be about Gratitude (being grateful).

11/15/10 8.  Free Draw, Student's choice

11/22/10  9.  No Sketchbook, Happy Thanksgiving.

11/29/10  10.  Observation:  draw a junk food wrapper or crumpled chip bag.  Your drawing should fill most of the page.

12/6/10  11.  Draw the inside of your closet.  The drawing should fill up all or most of the page.

12/13/10  12.  No Sketchbook, Happy Holidays.   Extra Credit option.

1/3/11  13.  Draw something not pretty.  Make sure the subject fills most of the drawing page, keeping in mind how the overall picture looks, not only the object.  Use you drawing device to shade where you see shadows on the object and shadows cas on the surface it is sitting on.

1/10/11 14.  A slightly crumpled piece of paper.  1.  Put it under a lamp or close to a light.  2.  Turn off all lights except the one by the crumpled paper.  3.  Draw the paper, include the shadows created by the extreme lighting.

1/17/11  15.  Make up missing sketches.

1/24/11 16  Make up missing sketches.

1/31/11 No Sketchbook, changing of Semester classes.

2/7/11  17.  Draw a tool or mechanical device.  (NO Tv or gaming system)

2/14/11  18.  Draw your favorite pair of shoes.

2/21/11  19.  No Sketchbook, Winter Break.  Free Draw for extra credit.

2/28/11  20.  Student Choice.  Write a paragraph about why you chose what you did.

3/7/11  21.  Draw (not trace) a picture of your favorite music artist.

3/14/11  22.  Draw bottles and cans (3).  Use broken and crumpled ones to.

3/21/11  23.  Draw the inside of a real or imagined junk drawer.

3/28/11  24.  Select a specific room and draw as though you are looking down from the ceiling (Bird's eye view).

4/4/11   25.  Draw your favorite Breakfast.

4/11/11   26.  Create a new animal.  Either combine two existing animals or create a brand new one.

4/25/11   27.  Take any one of the ideas you have already drawn and revise it - redesign it.

5/2/11   28.  No Topic.  Free Draw

5/9/11   29.  Make a detailed up close drawing of your eye.

5/16/11  30.  Funny, funny - Illustrate a clean and school appropriate joke.

Interesting Websites:  (Safe and appropriate for student use)