At Our Shepherd Lutheran Early Childhood Center, children have access to various activities throughout the day. Because play is a significant mode of learning, we provide ample time and developmentally appropriate materials for child-initiated play.  Children are exposed to numbers and the alphabet in the context of their everyday experiences. The science of plants and animals, stories, and props for pretend play all help provide a basis for learning activities.

Children work on an art project every day using a variety of mediums and the classroom is decorated with many of their creations! Many times the art work will reflect the theme of the day such as apples, trains, butterflies and caterpillars, or a specific color or shape.

Our program is planned to give the child many kinds of experiences.  Thinking, planning, making decisions, questioning, talking and listening will all be a part of the child’s day.  There is manipulative play for small motor development as well as gym and outdoor playtime to provide physical activities for developing coordination of the large and small muscles.

We also offer a twenty minute session in our school computer lab once a week to introduce preschoolers to the use of the computer as well as a ten minute lesson in beginning Spanish.

Of course, Jesus is the foundation of our program! We begin and end our day with song and prayer.  Circle Time includes a daily devotion and during Jesus Time we worship Him, hear His Word, and nurture our faith in Him!

A typical day in the Three’s program includes:
·Arrival – teacher and children gather on the rug for opening prayer, attendance and the theme for the day.

·Learning Centers – children are actively involved in different areas of the room.  Centers include blocks, picture books, art materials, dramatic play and table toys such as matching games, pegboards and puzzles.
·Clean up – together we learn that many helping hands make light the work!
·Circle Time – large group- devotions, weather, mystery bag, theme, facts, songs
·Snack – wash hands, use our best table manners, learn to pour our own juice and count out snack
·Jesus Time – worship, lesson and music
·Large movement activities – gym or outside play

·Prepare for home – an important time for closure, to review our day, hear a fun story, pray and sing our good-bye song

The program at Our Shepherd includes a number of opportunities for parent involvement. Families are asked to join us for a “Thanksgiving Feast” in November; “Dad’s Day” is on a Sunday afternoon in March, and May brings us the “Mother’s Day Tea”! Parents are also welcome to sign up ahead of time to work a day in the classroom along with our teacher and aide.