Arrival and Dismissal

Upon your arrival at school, please help your child hang up his/her coat and tote bag and wait quietly for the door to open at 8:30.  Bring in any notes, library books, etc. at that time.  You may help your child put on their nametag and find their animal on the rug as indicated in the pocket chart.  (Those children who come from Child Care will be assisted by a teacher.)  A quick good-bye is best and easiest for your child and helps me to begin class on time.  There may be a few tears at the beginning of the year, but these do not last for long, and are handled with compassion and love. 

When picking up your child, please wait in the hallway until the door opens at 11:30.  The children will sit quietly on the rug and be dismissed one at a time as I call their name and hand them off to you or the person designated on your emergency card.  It is important to be prompt.  If you will be late, please call the office to let us know so I can reassure your child.  Three year olds become very anxious when all of their classmates are gone and they are waiting to see your face!