Autocad Notes

Autocad Notes:


Start up:  

  1. Open Autocad light 2000
  2. Dismiss initial start-up screen
  3. Select file, new
  4. Browse to autocad 2000lt/template/acadlt
  5. Open
  6. Use Model view tab on bottom left
  7. On top menu, select tools/options/user preferences
  8. Change source content and drawing units at inches
  9. Right click on grid tab at bottom of screen, select settings
  10. Check grid on and snap on
  11. Set snap x and y spacing at .25
  12. Set grid x and y spacing at .0625
  13. Do first set of inputs
  14. At command line type Z, enter, E  (this will zoom you to extent of what your drawing )
  15. On top menu, select format/ drawing limits
  16. Follow command line instructions
  17. Continue to input co-ordinates


Other Commands Exercise

Pan - click down on wheel to move work space

Snap – bottom menu, snaps to next point, not always used

Ortho – bottom menu, moves only 90 and 180 degrees

Line command – use L then enter

Copy – type in command line or select with box.  Object should have blue points highlighted, right click/ copy selection.

Osnap – when moving an object, allows you to line up to other objects. Right click on tab to set anchor points end, mid, centre.

Otrack – to accurately place your object on a point or line

Polar tracking – right click to set angle increments

Dimension – use linear, click two points to dimension

Fillet – Applying a radius or corner to two 90 degree lines

Extend – allows line extension to next object line

Trim – select to trim extra lines. Select cutting edge first, enter, select area to cut off.

Offset- creates an object at a specific distance from an existing object

Erase- delete previous drawing parts

Move – move lines and blocks

Control Z – Undo last step