Logo Research Assignment


Unit 1: Graphic Design

Assignment: Critical Analysis

Student Task:

You are to research 2 corporations of your choice in any field and critically analyze the companies’ logo and their slogans using the questions provided below.

Save both logos on one page in star office and save into your tech folder 

The purpose of this exercise is to bring forth certain intuitive knowledge that we all possess within us. Eventually through this course you will possess the technical knowledge to analyze things that are designed around us.


Answer the following questions for each company in full sentence format:


  1. Does the logo have a distinctive look? Explain your reasons.


  1. What type of logo is this (logotype, initials, combination etc)? Why?


  1. Name the colours used in the logo design.


  1. Do you feel that there is any significance to the colour? Explain your reasons.


  1. What is the product or service this logo represents? Is there any connection between the colour of the logo to the product or service represented?


  1. Does this company have a slogan (tagline) and does it relate to the company’s product? Explain your reasons. You may have to research the company’s tagline on-line!


  1. What is a registered trademark and why would a company trademark their logo?