Soft Plan 12

Architectural Drawing in SoftPlan 12

Using SoftPlan 12, use the Draw tool to create four 10" Block (no footings) walls. The top of your screen is north. The wall measurements are as follows: East & West walls: 44' (44 feet), North & South walls: 29' (29 feet). All walls are 15' high. The windows on the South wall are 72" high and 4' wide. You must include:
2 doors, 6 windows, ceiling, the 2' x 4' fluorescent lights from the suspended ceiling, HVAC grilles, grille, all desks, all computer monitors and keyboards, 2 filing cabinets, shelves, and the sink. Also include: garbage can, people, electrical outlets, clock, tv, back campus (grass, pavement, trees, fence), electrical panel, smoke detectors, baseboard heater (south wall), air conditioner.

Using Softplan,

1.    Finish electricity & back campus on floor plan

2.    Design a house attached to the east side of the classroom (you should be able to enter it from the east door).  Include at least:

·       Bedroom (include bed and window)

·       Kitchen (include fridge, stove, sink)

·       Living room or entertainment room (include seating and other items)

·       Bathroom (include toilet, sink, and shower or bath)

·       Dining area (include table, chairs, and appropriate lighting)

·       Garage (include garage door, vehicle, and door to your house)

·       Main entry from outside

·       Lighting and electrical outlets throughout your home


·       Exterior walls should be 2 x 4 Brick or 2 x 4 Siding.  These are placed on your drawing with three clicks: Click one is the start of your wall, click two is the end of your wall, and click three is on one side of the wall or the other to indicate which side is facing “outside.”

·       Interior walls should be 3.5" Partition walls, and are required around at least your bedroom and your bathroom (which will also require interior doors).

Downloads: House Dimensions and House Diagrams from S:drive\students shared\Mr.Pries

Fill out your measurements for your house, use tape measure.
Draw your house using SoftPlan 12. Be sure to draw all walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, lights, and roof. Also include as many furnishings and appliances as possible. You should include your main floor and at least one other floor (basement or 2nd storey). If you do not have a second floor, you may invent one using the guidelines set in class.

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