Exploring Technology


Course Assessment & Evaluation Policy

SCHOOL NAME John Mcgregor Secondary School(JMSS)
Department Technological Studies
Course Name Exploring Technology
Course Code TIJ101
Grade 9
Level Open
Credit Value 1.0 credit
Prerequisite None
Future Course Technology

Exploring Technology









Course Strands (Unit Titles)

Unit 1

 Construction Technology 
Unit 2   Communications Technology 
Unit 3   Technological Design 
Unit 4  Transportation Technologies  



Categories (KTCA)

Knowledge & Skills Assessment


Knowledge (K) Understanding of concepts, principles, laws, and theories; knowledge of facts and terms; transfer of concepts to new contexts; understanding of relationships between concepts. 20 %
Thinking (T) Application of the skills & strategies of scientific inquiry; application of technical skills & procedures; use of tools, equipment, & materials 20 %
Communication (C) Communication of information & ideas; use of scientific terminology, symbols, conventions, and standard units; communication for different audiences & purposes; use of various forms of communication; use of information technology for scientific purposes. 20 %
Application (A) Understanding connections among science, technology, society, & the environment; analysis of social & economic issues involving science & technology; assessment of impacts of science & technology on the environment; proposing courses of practical action in relation to science and technology based problems. 40 %