Logo Design Lesson notes

Logo Design Lesson notes                                                                                     

On Board

·         Logo design power point

      ·         Search for 2 corporate logos, copy to one page in star office and save the file to your tech folder.

      ·         Do Research assignment - handed in sheet at end of class

·         Be prepared to share 1 logo with class. Why is it an effective logo?


·         Introduce personal logo- see handout on Website


      ·         Show Logo power point of exemplars

      ·         Questions to answer when designing- On Board

What do you want to communicate?

What words best describe this?

What pictures or images best describe you?

Who is my target audience?

What is appealing?

  • Create 4 thumbnail personal logo designs-on 1 page- rough sketches     

Can use initials but only as part of the graphic component of the design.

·         Pick 1 personal logo and draw full size on 8 ½ x 11


·         Complete Photoshop training 

·         Transfer design to Photoshop  graphic program as outlined  and save to your documents as LogoFinal (as a PSD file)