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Communications Technology Grade 9 TIJ101


Graphic Design and Production


Assignment: Creating a Personal Logo


Objectives of this activity:

• being able to design logos, symbols and pictograms.

• being able to successfully combine type and visuals.

• expressing meaning and conveying information.


In this assignment you will be creating a new identification for yourself, in the

form of a logo. You will be creating a graphic identity for yourself. Remember this

is your mark, just like graffiti artists have their own “tags”, you will be creating

your own mark. You may use your initials as a graphic component in your logo.


Typography is the underlying force of this assignment; you will develop an

appreciation for the written word, its strength to convey a message. Visually you

are creating an identity for people to remember you by. Through your choice of

typefaces and graphics you will be conveying a certain impression of your personality; choose carefully.


Design and hand in 4 logo documents in the following order:

STEP 1: Examples:

  • Do Logo research assignment and hand in answers to two corporate logos

STEP 2: Brainstorming and rough sketch

ALL original, your design—for yourself, by yourself!

  • Provide 4 thumbnail sketches on one piece of paper for personal logo.

  • What image are you trying to portray?

  • Your “branding” yourself and trying to make yourself unique, how are you going to accomplish this?


STEP 3: Final Sketch

  • Choose an idea from each configuration and provide re-worked Final sketch full size on one sheet of paper.

  • Remember this may not be a linear process; you may have to go back and re-work roughs to get your final design.



  • Next, you’ll need to take your final sketch and turn it into comprehensive “professional” designs on the computer.

  • You may want to scan your rough sketch to trace over it in Corel.

  • Can use Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Photo Paint or Star Office Drawing.

  • Try using different fonts, shapes, colours, fills and extra tools in program to create your final logo.

  • You should have a final logo designed by you!

  • Finally, explain your favourite design you picked and why it makes a good logo
    (one paragraph, sentence form).


Hand-in all your work, the process is very important, do not throw out any of the work you were not happy with. Keep all your “roughs” (rough sketches).

Hand in logo samples, thumbnail sketches, final sketch, final computer design and paragraph explaining logo.


Begin with rough “thumbnails” and work towards a “professional,” computer-generated design!

Marking Rubric

Personal Logo Marking Rubric  Name:________________________




Level 1(50-59)

Level 2(60-69)

Level 3(70-79)

Level 4(80-100)


Knowledge and Understanding


(Use of Research


Demonstrates limited understanding of the concept of logos

Demonstrates some understanding of the logo concept

Demonstrates considerable understanding of the logo concept

Demonstrates thorough and insightful     understanding of the logo concept


Thinking and Inquiry



Hasn't followed logo design process at all

Only followed logo design process a little bit

Followed logo design process

Followed logo design process very well




(Final Artwork)

Not able to communicate appropriate message through logo design

Barely able to communicate appropriate message through logo design

Able to communicate appropriate message through logo design

Communicated appropriate message very well through logo design



(Final Digital


Little ability to produce personal logo

Produced a personal logo

Produced a good personal logo

Produced a great personal logo


Total      /25