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Vector Graphics


Grade 9 Exploring Technology

Graphics Project: Vector Graphics 

An OverviewThere are three main programs used in the publishing industry, raster graphics (manipulating photos), vector graphics (creating and manipulating shapes and drawing illustrations) and layout (arranging images and text to bring it all together). This project is to introduce you to the basic skills of using a vector graphic program. All of the images that you create will consist of shapes.  We will be using COREL DRAW 12, a vector program used in industry. One such application of this program is creating logos. 

 Key Concepts and Skills•          

  •  tools that use shapes
  •  outline and fill
  •  arrange and group          
  •  the pen tool, anchor points, control handles•           
  •  Bezier curves, selection tool, direct selection tool, convert anchor point tool 


Creating Different Shapes

In the order listed below, create the following shapes using the various tools and label them using the text tool. Experiment with different fonts and font sizes when you label your shapes. You must also FILL all of your tools with the paint bucket.

 (1 mark each, ½ mark deduction for each shape that is not labelled and/or filled)

  1.         rectangle
  2.         perfect square
  3.         rectangle with rounded corners- use shape tool, drag corners
  4.         oval
  5.         perfect circle
  6.         five sided polygon
  7.         equilateral triangle- equal angles and sides
  8.         obtuse triangle- greater than 90 degrees
  9.         acute triangle- less than 90 degrees on all angles
  10.         jagged line using bezier tool (pen tool)



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