Vector Graphics Notes

Vector Notes:                                                            

·         Open Corel

·         Select new / Blank

·         Double click on top bar to toggle full screen.

·         Ctrl and left mouse will create perfect square or circle

·         Pen on top will draw a hairline on shape or delete it, colour is bottom right.

·         When tracing always work from outside to inside.

·         Wait till you get arrow when attaching lines.

·         Beginning of line must be the ending of the line as well.

·         Test shape by filling with colour.

·         To delete line delete the end node

·         Separate lines cannot be attached but can be grouped

·         Freehand tool will freehand with left button down.

·         Freehand tool  draws straight when you click start and end of line.

·         Control Z will undo.

·         Esc stops drawing action.

·         Arrange tool on top of screen will put shapes in order.

·         To draw a curve, freehand it then delete nodes to smooth it out.

·         Curves are best with a start centre and end node. Use handles to curve them.

·         A better palette can be found in paint can tool/ left click/fill colour dialogue

·         Fewer nodes make better curves

·         To crop an image right click and edit picture

·         Shift click to each object then right click/group to tie objects together


  • Always use selection tool at top first to clear tools
  • Click center to rotate shape
  • Colour shape or it will be gone
  • More shapes? click bottom arrow
  • Adjust your tool on top menue bar