Canon TS3100 Printer Setup

IJ Start Canon TS3100 Unboxing Setup

The Canon Pixma TS3100 printer should be unpacked after purchasing it.

Cut the seal of the package using a knife. Canon TS3100 Printer Setup

Open the package and check if the user manual, installation guide, power cord, and two cartridges are present.

Take the printer out of the printer box and remove the plastic cover present around it.

Place the Canon printer on a steady surface. This will reduce the chance of damage.

Remove the orange tapes present inside and outside the printer.

Attach the power cable between your printer and power supply.

Turn on the printer with the help of the Power button.

Unbox Canon TS3100 Setup

IJ Start Canon TS3100 Driver & Manual Download

The driver acts as the mediator between your printer and computer. It lets them communicate and coordinate print jobs. There are two drivers, namely the XPS and the MP. You can download the driver from the manufacturer’s site or install it using the installation CD. The manual is an all-in-one guide that contains all the guidelines required to set up a printer and use it. It is provided at the time of purchase, and can also be downloaded from the internet.

Driver Download Manual Download

IJ Start Canon Ts3100 USB Port Setup

To set up a USB connection, you need to download the drivers required.

Run the setup after you download the driver and follow the instructions displayed.

In the second half of the setup process, you will be asked to choose a connection method.

Select the method as USB Connection by clicking the small box present near that option.

Tap the Next button and wait until the MP drivers are installed. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to connect the computer and the Canon printer with a USB cable.

Once connected, you have to perform the printhead alignment process to complete the Canon TS3100 Setup.

Ij Start Canon Ts3100 Printhead

There are times when the printhead needs cleaning. The instructions given below will help you clean the printheads of your canon printer.

Ij Start Canon Ts3100 Printhead Cleaning

There are two types of cleaning processes which are Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.


You have to launch the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool.

Tap the Cleaning option and choose ink group from the Printhead Cleaning dialog box for cleaning it.

Press the Execute option and the cleaning process starts.

After cleaning, select the OK option when a confirmation window is displayed.

Deep Cleaning:

For initiating a deep cleaning procedure, open the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool.

Select the Deep Cleaning option and tap Execute.  Canon TS3120 Printer Setup

The OK option should be chosen in the Confirmation window that appears after the Deep Cleaning process is complete.

Print a check Pattern to verify whether the cleaning has been done properly.