Epson printer says offline

Epson printer offline has been recognized as one of the most frequent problem now days. Everyday, millions of users are complaining about this problem arround the world. But only few of them get the solution to fix the problem. Epson printer says offline
So here, I am sharing the instructions to fix the offline problem. If anyone of you are going through the same problem. You can follow the instructions. This will help you in resolving the issue.
1. Whenever you are unable to print anything from your epson printer. You should check the network settings first. Be sure your computer and printer is connected to the network, and they can access the internet.
2. If your printer is connected to the network settings but somehow it is still not printing any document. You should try to reboot your printer and computer once. after rebooting the printer, you need to wait for one minute. So your computer and printer can detect each other.
3. If your printer is still unable to print something. you should check the driver, may be your printer driver is not responding properly. That’s why your printer goes offline. So you should uninstall it once from your computer and try to install it again into your pc. After installing it back, you should try to print something. Let’s see if works this time or not. Epson printer keeps going offline
4. After following all these instructions, if your epson printer still shows the offline error. You should go ahead and check the network settings and security settings. May be your antivirus or firewall is blocking your pc to communicate with the printer. That’s why you are getting the printer offline error message. So you should disable the antivirus on your pc for one minute and then print something. I hope your epson printer will be working fine now.