Resolve Canon printer error 6000

What is Canon printer error 6000 Mean?


Well that error is nothing more than " paper jam " in the entire line of Canon printers,  this error means the same thing, and sometimes this message will appear without the printer having any type of paper jammed in the rails


When these printers have a piece of paper jammed, we only have to remove the jammed sheet and everything will return to normal, even the same printer will show us on the screen the instructions that are quite simple to follow so that you can continue printing without any problem, although take into account that to remove a jammed sheet you should never do it from the front as you could damage the rails and your printer will be unusable, always remove the jammed paper from the back of the printer.


But if our problem is another, that is, the printer says that there is an error 6000 but you have already checked it and it does not have any jammed paper, well here the good begins since it will be a little more complicated to solve it, but at the same time, it can be very simple too.

What you have to do is put your hand where the sheets of paper are put and press back that piece that you touch with your hand, you turn off the printer for a few seconds and turn it on again without releasing the piece that you are pushing when the printer start trying to print you must release the piece you are holding and you will see that everything will be solved.


This problem is commonly caused by having printed an exaggerated number of pages at one time, so if you want to print many sheets in a row it is good to let the printer rest before you start printing again. here is the best solution:


Steps to resolve Canon printer error 6000:

  • Turn off your Canon printer
  • Where you insert the sheets of paper, insert your hand carefully and press the piece pushing it back, as if leaving more space in the slot of the sheets.
  • Turn on the printer while you keep pushing and when the printer starts up, release.


With these steps, we will be able to solve the Canon printer error 6000 and be able to continue printing normally. if not check the mentioned blog.