Steps that Fix Error Code 0xc0000185 easily.

Error code error 0xc0000185 often appears when Windows PC boots, especially after a system reboot. It always appears as a blue screen of death (BSOD) with the text that says "Your PC needs to be repaired".


The message may also say "The Boot Configuration Data for your PC boot is missing or contains errors". Sometimes, an error code follows the text like the Error Code 0xc0000185. The error message indicates that this error is associated with Boot Configuration Data (BCD).

The data may lack some necessary information or have been damaged. Therefore, the system will not boot unless the PC’s owner can recover the missing or damaged data through some remedies.


What causes the error code 0xc0000185? It results from file corruption related to the boot function of the Windows PC. Files may have been deleted or damaged in certain ways. It is also because of malware attacks or hardware failures.


2 Easy Steps that fix Error Code 0xc0000185 written by Famous Technical Blogger @Robert John - Printer Expert.


>> Restore Your Computer Using The Windows 10 Installation Media

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Once the operating system is running normally, insert the Windows 10 installation media into a CD or DVD-ROM.
  3. Restart the operating system using the installation media inside the device.
  4. You should now see a black screen that says “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”. In this case, simply press any key on your keyboard to boot from the installation media.
  5. When you go to the next screen, you must set the correct time and keyboard type.
  6. Now select the Restore Computer button in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  7. The Select Options window should now appear on the screen.
  8. In this window, select the Troubleshooting option.
  9. From the Troubleshooting menu, select Advanced Options.
  10. Now select the automatic repair function in the Advanced Options window.
  11. In the next window, select the operating system you are using.
  12. Windows 10 should start scanning and fixing any errors that might cause the system to display error code 0xc0000185.
  13. Once the process is complete, remove the disk containing the Windows 10 installation media and reboot your device normally.
  14. Check to see if error code 0xc0000185 is displayed on your system.


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>> Recreate The Boot Configuration Data


  1. Insert the Windows 10 installation media again and reboot your operating system.
  2. When the device boots, you will be prompted to press any key to boot from the CD or DVD.
  3. Again, select the correct time and keyboard type as in the first method.
  4. Select the Restore Computer button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. In the Select Options window, select Troubleshooting.
  6. Now select Advanced Options from the Troubleshooting menu.
  7. Select the command line to run the tool.
  8. Enter the following command and press Enter :
  10. Now enter the following command and press Enter to execute the command :
  12. Also, type the following command and press the Enter key again:
  14. Once the process is complete, remove the Windows 10 installation media from the CD or DVD-ROM.
  15. Reboot your computer and check again to see if you still get the same error message.



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