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How to Setup Your Printer on Your Computer Device

With the advancement of technology and trends, most sectors take advantage of it to make their overall tasks easier and effective. Nowadays, emerging technologies help various printer devices to produce the best quality results. Computing devices are highly equipped with the technology that can resolve your query within a fraction of seconds.

Printers are the ones that came into existence way back in the late ’90s. The introduction of these computing devices led both the private as well as cooperate sectors to new heights. These devices helped your business to upgrade its functionalities effectively. There are lots of brands available in the market ranging from Hp, Dell, Samsung, Brother, Canon, and Epson.


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Setting up a printer device in your desired operating system is a challenging task. If you follow the right procedure and guidance from a reliable troubleshooting partner, so never get disappointed. Different models have different stories but the setup process is the same or common for all models.

Method 1. First of all, you need to plug your printer power cable into the electric switch.


Method 2. After that, connect the USB cable with your computer as one side with your printer and one side with your computer.


Method 3. Once you connect your printer’s USB cable successfully, to your printer settings, you need to locate it in a better way. Different modes for different OS like if you are using a Windows operating system, then you need to open the control panel of the laptop or computer and if you are a Mac lover, you need to locate the system preferences and proceed.


Method 4. Once you open up the control panel, a window will be shown up in which you need to scroll the ‘Add a printer option. Click on it.


Method 5. A dialog box will display on the screen. Locate and choose the right printer model that you want to add to the list.


Method 6. As you select the right printer from the list. Then, you need to test the sample print.


Method 7. A message will be displayed that your printer device is installed successfully.