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Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a relatively new method of PD delivery that focuses on a team effort that draws upon the professional nature of the teachers involved.  Some of the elements of PLCs are:
  • Very effective - when PLCs work, they work well and meet the needs of those teachers participating in the PLC as well as their colleagues
  • Small group collaborative effort - a true team effort, PLCs rely on a small, voluntary, dedicated group of teachers who work together to learn and share
  • Focus on group interest OR problem - as part of the collaborative effort, the PLC determines what they are interested in studying or a common problem that they choose to address
  • Extensive time commitment - PLCs are a long-term commitment and require a great deal of time on both a personal and group level to be effective
  • Study various resources - PLCs may study specific books, but also often draw on other resources including online resources, classes, experts and research
  • Build group knowledge & skills - PLCs work as a team to gather, analyze, apply and share knowledge so that the sum knowledge is greater than any one member
  • Share information among group & entire community - communication is key between both PLC members and with the school community as a whole so that colleagues may benefit from the PLCs efforts
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