BIO099 - Biology for Allied Health - Fall 2020

Welcome to Biology for Allied Health @ WWCC!

    Fall 2020: 9/3 - 12/19

Course Information:

  Credits: 3

  Course sections:

            - D02 (Tues) 12:45 - 2:15am in Fulton-Owen Hall 300

            - D021 (Thurs) 12:45 - 2:15am in Fulton-Owen Hall 300

  Format: Hybrid Lecture


Instructor Information:

Instructor: Allison E. Collins, Instructor of Biological Sciences ("Prof Coll")

Office: Henson Hall 103A


Phone: (410) 251 - 5100 (Text/VM)

                (410) 572 - 8758 (Office)


Office Hours:





Additional hours available by appointment


Course Description:

This course, which is intended for students who have not achieved an acceptable biology placement test score to enroll in BIO 202, offers foundational science knowledge to support success in future allied health classes and career.  Topics include: biochemistry and chemical reactions, cell biology and metabolism, organism homeostasis and genetics.  Relevance of these topics and application of scientific method and reasoning to humans will be emphasized. This course does not meet general education science requirements. Hours: 39 lecture. Prerequisite: MTH 091 with a grade of “C” or better or an acceptable mathematics placement test score. Usually offered in the fall, spring and summer.