Succeeding in the Sciences


Course Tips

#1. Set daily goals for studying

- Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish in your course each day

- Setting a clear goal can help you stay motivated and beat procrastination

- Goal should be specific and easy to measure

- Don’t forget to reward yourself when you make progress towards your goal!




#2. Create a designated study space

- Having a dedicated space at home to take courses can make your learning more effective

          +It’s easier to recall information if you’re in the same place where you first learned it
- Remove any distractions from the space, and if possible, make it separate from your bed or sofa

- A clear distinction between where you study and where you take breaks can help you focus



#3. Schedule your study time

- Open your calendar and choose a predictable, reliable time that you can dedicate to class
          + This helps ensure that your courses won’t become the last thing on your to-do list

- Time management is key to succeeding in science courses




#4. Keep yourself accountable

- Tell your friends about the courses you’re taking!

          + Post achievements to your social media accounts, or blog about your assignments
- Having a community and support network of friends and family to cheer you on




#5. Actively take notes
- Taking notes can promote active thinking, boost comprehension, and extend attention span

- It’s a good strategy to internalize knowledge whether you’re learning online or in the classroom - Grab a notebook or find a digital app and start rewriting key points in your own words

          + Take what you are learning and make it make sense to you!

          + Make sure you are using ALL the resources available to you

                                        + Google is cool, but there are many places to get reliable info



#6. Join the discussion

- Course discussion forums are a great place to ask questions, discuss topics, share resources, and make friends
- Research shows that learners who participate in the discussion forums are 37% more likely to complete a course
- You can also make virtual study groups!
- Course Facebook



#7. Do one thing at a time

- Multitasking is less productive than focusing on a single task at a time
- Stay focused on one thing at a time

          + You’ll absorb more information and be more productive




#8. Take breaks

- Resting your brain after learning is critical to high performance.
- If you find yourself working on a challenging problem without much progress, take a break
- Exercising, taking a shower, or talking with a friend can re-energize and give you new ideas