Classroom Procedures & Expectations

Classroom Rules:

                            Be on-time   (to class and home)

                                       Be Respectful  (to self and  others)

                                                Be Prepared   (to learn & teach)


  1st offence:  verbal warning

  2nd: removed from setting 

  3rd: office referral

My expectations are as follows;  once students enter my room in a timely manner, they are to sit in their assigned seats, write the day's objectives and prepare themsleves accordingly.  Classroom conversations that have NOTHING to do science or math are to stop as there is a place and time for other things not dealing with math or science and that place is NOT my classroom!  I expect every student to do his or her best to learn and not keep peers from learnng as well as be an active participant in their education.  I expect an 80% or higher in all assignments, 79% or less states that a student is not focused, has excessive absenses or is displaying inappropriate social (immature) and academic behavior. Parents will be notified as soon as possible via phone, e-mail or a letter home.  Bathroom: I expect this to be taken care of on the student's personal time, if an emergency arrises, a bathroom pass may be provided but is not guarenteed.  Late assignments are not accepted unless the student was absent or due to an unforseen circumstance.

 Students: PLEASE come and speak to me as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made before it is too late!