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6 simple tips to get more likes on Instagram



With 500 million active users per month, Instagram ranks as the second most popular social network after Facebook Followers in Europe & America. Users upload more than 95 million photos and videos per day. These publications receive more than 4.2 billion likes daily.

Faced with these figures, how to stand out in the Instagram world, capture the attention of followers and get maximum engagement?

1) Use bright colors

It is important that you know the power of colors and filters on tik tok to get Tiktok Followers. A study has shown that a predominantly blue post gets 24% more likes than a red visual. In addition, photos with a single unified color spectrum generate 17% more likes than those with many different colors.

 Increased Instagram Followers

In addition, researchers working for Yahoo and Georgia Tech have found that photos with filters generate a stronger commitment, however not all Tiktok Likes filters have the same "power". Those that accentuate the contrast, adjust the exposure or add a warm tone to the photos perform better.

2) Treat the legend

Instagram is a visual-centric social network. However, this does not allow you to neglect the legend that accompanies your publications. Unlike Twitter, Real Instagram Followers doesn't have a character limit, so you can write a fairly long caption, if that fits your brand's spirit.

However, an effective legend may contain only a few words. If you are not sure which text to write, include a question. It's a great way to engage Internet users who will be happy to provide their comments.

3) Use geolocation

To allow users to discover your Ig Followers, use the geolocation option. This feature allows you to place your photos on a "photo card". Users can then navigate the map by finding out where the photos were taken.

You also appear to a new target that is looking for information on where you are located. It's no coincidence that posts tagged with a placement generate a 79% higher engagement rate non-geotagged posts.

4) Use popular hashtags

But with intelligence! Indeed, the most popular Free Followers App hashtags are not necessarily those that generate the most engagements. Tags like “# like4like” are trendy, but are not of interest for all brands.

5) Tag brands or users in your posts 

Tagging brands or users in your posts allows you to get Ig Likes. In addition, messages that contain a tag in the caption make it possible to obtain a commitment rate twice higher than those that do not have one.

So, as soon as you cite a brand in your posts, do so by mentioning it with an @ followed by its Instagram username. Also remember to reschedule your community's publications, by tagging the author you will get More Likes On Instagram.

6) Publish regularly and at the right time

Posting regularly allows you to generate engagement and continuously acquire new subscribers and Real Instagram Likes. To stay consistent in your editorial line, consider setting up a publication calendar. Please note, you must publish your content at the times when your audience is most active.

On average, post on Instagram 3 times a week, as does the But furniture store. And you can also buy Instagram Followers and Likes.