**** Announcements ****

All 4th graders need to bring in:

One 1-inch 3-ring binder (by Tuesday, September 20th)


Don't forget to check here for a weekly overview of each science lab experiment. This is especially important for students who are absent during science class (Tuesday: Ms. Sherman's and Ms. Colmaire's classes; Wednesday: Ms. Feeney's, Ms. Pensak's, and Ms. Chung's classes). Homework will be assigned as needed. Students will usually have 2 days to return assignments. Homework sheets will be provided here in case of an absence or lost homework assignment. Also, check the calendar on this site for homework and project due dates.


The 4th grade science lab team will generate questions, conduct experiments, and present data for the following units:

1) Food Chains and Webs

2) Magnetism and Electricity

3) Water

4) Earth Movements


A Note About the 4th Grade State Science Test: 

The state science test is composed of two parts: 1) performance, 2) written. The experiments that we do in class will help students prepare for the performance portion of the test. Likewise, the written assignments will help students prepare for the written portion of the test. This test does not take place until the end of May/beginning of June, and is usually the most fun students have taking a test, since they get to do experiments! Please do not become overly concerned with the state test. We will essentially be preparing throughout the entire year, and will review necessary skills before the test.