**** Announcements ****


This year's 5th grade science program will be a collaboration between the 5th grade teachers and myself. Our 5th grade scientists will do most of the lab work with me during science class (Tuesday: Ms. Shapiro's class; Thursday: Ms. Binkowitz's and Ms. Cione's classes). Additionally, they will do prep work and follow-up activities with their corresponding teachers. Homework will be assigned as needed. Check here for a weekly overview of each science lab experiment, and for links to homework sheets that may be needed in case of an absence or lost homework assignment. Also, check this site's calendar for homework and project due dates.


The 5th grade science lab team will be exploring how scientists change the variables of an experiment in order to achieve different results. They will be generating questions, developing experiments, and presenting their data in various ways (including the use of our laptop lab!).