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Hazel Park High School Biology with Mrs. Sparks

Nov. 20, 2012


Second Cardmarking Cell Projects due Tuesday Nov. 27th.  Those that have been turned in already are very impressive - FOLLOW YOUR RUBRIC for full points.

COMING SOON:  The Daily Agenda and Bellwork can be accessed on our new school program ONCOURSE.  You can access it through the HPHS school website.  Please email me if you have any trouble.  Sorry for the inconvenience. . . TECHNOLOGY IS GREAT . . . when it works, eh?




August 31, 2012

Ahhhh . . . Biology  . . . the study of life.  It's all around us. 

I look forward to studying with you this year.  Our topics will include:  Ecology and Environmental Issues, Plants, Cells (Cytology), Microorganisms, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Zoology and Evolution.  Bring your questions.  Bring your ideas.  Let's explore together!

Just a sample of special projects that we will do this year includes:  Making An Underwater Robot (ROV) to study ecology and Making a Cockroach Leg Dance to your favorite ipod tune to study the nervous system.

Thought Question:  What makes something "alive"?  (Ever see the old monster movie Frankenstein?)

Root Word Study:  What does "Bio" mean?  What does "ology" mean?

First Cardmarking Project:  Choose an Endangered or Invasive Species in Michigan then do one of the following:  1)  Create an educational poster about it,  2)  Write a report about it,  3) Create a powerpoint presentation about it.  4)  Do an experiement.  More details will follow.

School supplies needed (if possible) ASAP:  Pencils, Folder or 1"-2" Binder (preferred), and a box of Tissue.  A pencil and Biology Binder (or folder) should be brought to class every day.


Enjoy the remaining summer days and I'll see you soon!

Mrs. Sparks


And, oh, by the way, do you know what this is and where it's found?


Get 2 Months for $5!