Homework and Extra Credit

Homework Assignments and Extra Credit


- Homework will be given on ALL days the class meets.

- Homework will be due the following Tuesday     I.E if given an assignment on The 21st and 23rd of August, then the assignment will be due on the 28th of August.

- All homework will be collected in the beginning of class and given back to you on that following Thursday.

-  Homework information is found within the text , as well as within the lecture notes.

- Some questions will be taken directly out of the textbook and used later on exams.


- Grading will be done on the following scale.



- The criteria of this grading is based on the information given as well as thought put into it. 1 line of answer will NOT be enough.

- The Pass/Fail will designate to me which student has done his/her assignment.

- If said student does ALL of the assignments and passes then that student will earn 5 points extra on their final.

- If said person does not do ALL of the assignments and pass them then that student does not receive the 5 extra points.

Extra credit Paper

 - There is 1 extra credit assignment that can be achieved by you the student.

 - This assignment is due on December 4th. And will be worth up to 5 points on the final exam.

- The assignment is this:

 - Go on the Ghost walk, offered  now through October.

 - You can go to : http://www.huntsvilleghostwalk.com/tour.htm for more information and times.


- After completing the Ghost walk tour, it is your job as the student to write a 3 page paper explaining the correlation of this experience to that of the existing field of psychology known as Paranormal Psychology.

- This paper needs to be in full APA format to be given the max of 5 credits. Failure to write the paper in APA will be a highest credit of 3.

- The paper must also include

                          - Title page

                           - Abstract

                           -   Table of Contents

                             - Reference Page

- The paper must also answer the following questions:

                           What is Paranormal Psychology

                            Is it a valid field?

                           What did you get from the Ghost walk?

                           Do you think the people hosting this event are Paranormal Psychologists?

                            What are your thoughts on Paranormal Psychology and the Ghost Walk?

                           What was your favorite part/least favorite?

-This is crucial!

- For those of you who plan to do this paper, you MUST staple the receipt of your purchase of the Ghost walk ticket with your paper. (They collect the ticket but the paper indicating you have paid and gone will be fine).

 - Failure to present this with your paper will be an automatic 0.