Review for Exam #1

Review for Exam 1

Set- up

  • Exam will be at 8:00 am sharp. Anyone  who is more than 20 minutes late will not be allotted extra time.
  • Lesson: Be on time!
  • There are:
    • 14 multiple choice questions
    • 6 fill in the blanks
    • 3 true/false
    • 2 essays


  • Each question is worth 4 points!
  • No extra credit on exam
  • Make sure to answer ALL questions.



  • When writing the essay questions , please make note to state the question you are answering within the essay. Babbling or incoherent thoughts will be counted off.
  • Also if the penmanship is not legible then points will be deducted or question will be marked as wrong.
  • Please make sure to either print, or use penmanship that is neat.
  • If you forget to sign your name at the top of the paper, you will receive an F for that test.
  • Make sure you name is on the paper!!


  • There is no scaling on this exam.

Study Guide

  • Know all stages founded by Freud and Piaget
  • Know the definition ( as discussed in class) of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
  • Know The stages of Language acquisition
  • Know something about ALL of the people we have studied
  • Know something about the following:
    • Pavlov’s Dogs
    • Anna O
  • Know Accommodation verses Assimilation
  • Know the Skinner Box
  • Know information on the Id/Ego/Superego
  • Know the definition of Archetypes, and Collective unconscious
  • Know the Myers- Briggs Personality test
  • Know Jung’s 4 functions
  • Understand the Skinner Box.