How I am going to grade the final

The final will be graded on the following criteria


 - Running Head title is in all CAPS

-  Title page has  title, name and college

- Title page has page numbers on the top  right of paper, numerically following all pages therafter


Table of Contents

- Each header is specifically stated, along with the  page number it is designated



- Center justified header

- Tells me what is being written about, in more than 1 sentence


Main Body of paper

- Must have seperate headers for ALL questions answered. Headers should NOT be the questions re-written

- At least 3 questions are answered throughout the paper

- A minimum of 5 pages is written. This does not include the first 3 pages ( Title page, Abstract, or table of Contents, or Reference page if applicable)

              NOTE!! A failure to complete 5 pages in length for main body will result in up to either +/-20 points deduction ( if have written 4 and 1/2 pages instead of 5), or a complete 0 if less than 4 pages where written. All requirements for this paper have been stated time and time again as well as emphasized multiple times throughout the later end of the course. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- A Conclusion was also at the end of the paper 

Reference page

- If a reference page was needed it to needs to be Alphabetized by last name of the first author, and should be in APA style


Rough drafts are always accepted , however once the Final Draft is submitted, no allowance of " finishing" or " re-dueing " will be allowed. All grades are final!

Final papers are due NO LATER than there times:

8 am class -> 9:15am ( Not a single minute late will be graded)

11am class -> 12:15pm ( Not a single minute late will be graded)


Any other questions , feel free to email me.