• Final Exam to be given out on the 6th (Thursday).
  • Required to stay in class to begin exam, please make sure to bring your final paper if you want to turn it in early.
  • Bring to class:
    • All old exams
    • Notes ( yes you can bring your computer)
    • Book
  • Exam needs to be turned into me by no later than the 18th ( 9:15 for 8 am class, and 12:15 for 11 am class).
  • Final papers can be handed in early either on the 6th /11th ( until 9:00am), or the 18th ( again 9:15 for 8 am , and 12:15 for 11 am).
  • NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ( even if they are 2 min late! Please get them in early or on time!
  • Failure to come to class on the 6th results in a different final given at regular time. This final will NOT be a take home, will result in 100 multiple choice questions , NO open notes or book!